Change Mellanox CX5 from IB to IP (ETH)

Robert Leong -

Getting Started with ConnectX-5 100Gb/s Adapters for Linux:


Start MST:

[root@sno-101514-A ~]# mst start
Starting MST (Mellanox Software Tools) driver set
Loading MST PCI module - Success
Loading MST PCI configuration module - Success
Create devices
Unloading MST PCI module (unused) - Success

[root@sno-101514-A ~]# mst status
MST modules:
    MST PCI module is not loaded
    MST PCI configuration module loaded

MST devices:
/dev/mst/mt4119_pciconf0         - PCI configuration cycles access.
                                   domain:bus:dev.fn=0000:07:00.0 addr.reg=88 data.reg=92 cr_bar.gw_offset=-1
                                   Chip revision is: 00


# mlxconfig -d /dev/mst/mt4119_pciconf0 q | grep -i link_type
         LINK_TYPE_P1                        IB(1)
         LINK_TYPE_P2                        IB(1)

Set from IB to Ethernet:

# mlxconfig -d /dev/mst/mt4119_pciconf0 set LINK_TYPE_P1=2 LINK_TYPE_P2=2
Device #1:
Device type:    ConnectX5
Name:           N/A
Description:    N/A
Device:         /dev/mst/mt4119_pciconf0

Configurations:                              Next Boot       New
         LINK_TYPE_P1                        IB(1)           ETH(2)
         LINK_TYPE_P2                        IB(1)           ETH(2)
 Apply new Configuration? ? (y/n) [n] : y
Applying... Done!
-I- Please reboot machine to load new configurations.

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