Remote Control / Virtual Console from SNO IPMI MEGARAC

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SpycerNode 2U and 5U - MEGARAC / American Megatreds IPMI web interface.

Connect to the console from IPMI Remote Control will give you access to the monitor and keyboard of the OS form the IPMI web interface.


Download and install latest version of Java:

Java Network Launch Protocol (.jnpl)

Login into the SNO IPMI web portal and download the jviewer.jnpl

Use Internet Explorer, Chrome and other will not work.

Change to use http not https.

The save will say couldn't be downloaded, just click retry and it will be completed.


Associate jviewer to Java

Set this up one time, after it is associated it will not be necessary to do it again.

Use File Explorer and locate the NEWLY downloaded file jviewer.jnpl jviewer (x).jnpl.  If you execute an older version you will get an error "Invalid Session Token.  Authentication failure." later.

Associate the file (properties > Open with ...) to "Java(TM) Web Start Launcher" or "Chose another app" and find javaws.exe at C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_351\bin.



If the association of .jnpl and Java is happy, you will get this and are on the right track:




Regular usage

After Java is installed and .jnpl is associated to Java the sequence is simpler to launch the console.

Click Remote Control Launch at Dashboard > Save > Retry > Open Folder.  This opens File Explorer to the Download folder, the latest jviewer (x).jnpl should already be selected.  Double click it and Java start and the console should open.


How To Open JNLP File On Windows 10 And MacOS:



Noticed on Feb 23, 2023

Launching Internet Explorer now redirects to Edge.  To disable this follow this:

Then, you might need to add the IP in Exception Site list via the Java Control Panel > Security.



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