Clipster Gen 6 Working Colorspace - 3D Luts

Jorge Zepeda -

The processing pipeline has two color conversion modules at the front and the back:

Input format -> COLOR CONVERT -> Working format -> PROCESSING (scaling, mixing, 3D-LUT) -> Working format -> COLOR CONVERT -> Output

'Auto' means that the working format is equal to the output format, so that the output color conversion isn't needed. If a 3D-LUT is designed for a specific format which is different than the output format, this has to be configured explicitly in the project settings.

The 3D-LUT has to be applied before the conversion to XYZ is done. Which means that we want to convert the colors only at the end of the pipeline, because the 3D-LUT should take care of the conversion for the source before the Output processing is done.

The Output of the processing pipeline (Source to XYZ Full) is then sent to the J2K encoding hardware.

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