ATTO Config Tool for Linux

Robert Leong -

Install the services Config Tool only and gather logs:

  1. Download the Config Tool:
    or from the ATTO site (requies login) 
  2. Within a terminal, and logged in as root, extract the ATTO Config Tool file just downloaded from the ATTO website: tar xfz lnx_app_configtool_xxx.tar
    *xxx represents the version number of the Config Tool.
  3. Navigate to the extracted directory, which should be lnx_app_configtool_xxx, created during step 2 and run ./Services/attocfgd.sei –i
  4. Restart the system
  5. Download and run the script
    a. Download the linuxdiag.tar file to the system
    b. As root open a terminal window
    c. Run the script to gather logs: ./
  6. The script will create the logs and compress them into a file.


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