Adaptec RAID Controller: Write Cache Status Write-through (temporary disabled)

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Created by Solip on Saturday, May 21, 2016

A very old bug with Adaptec controllers is currently experiencing a revival in the Series 7 SAS / SATA controllers, here the example of a 71605.

The current firmware 32106 from April 2016 can cause the write cache to be permanently switched off. The message "Write-through (temporary disabled)" appears.

Actually, this status should only come when the cache is only active in case a working battery is installed and the battery is not working properly or needs to be charged.
Currently the status is permanently active, no matter how the hardware looks and can not be changed.

Correction of this error is possible only by a decrease to the previous firmware 32084 or earlier.

The driver used in the operating system and the version of MSM do not play any role here.


As of Feb 2017, 32106 is still the latest on the Microsemi Adaptec download site. 

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