storcli64 help

Robert Leong -

LSI storcli64 command line help


# ./storcli64 help
     Storage Command Line Tool  Ver 1.09.07 Feb 13, 2014

     (c)Copyright 2014, LSI Corporation, All Rights Reserved.

storcli -v 
storcli -h| -help| ? 
storcli -h| -help| ? legacy
storcli show 
storcli show all
storcli show ctrlcount
storcli /cx add vd r[0|1|5|6|00|10|50|60]
	[Size=,,..|all] [name=,..] 
	drives=e:s|e:s-x|e:s-x,y,e:s-x,y,z [PDperArray=x][SED]
	[direct|cached] [cachevd] [Strip=<8|16|32|64|128|256|512|1024>]
	 [AfterVd=X] [Spares = [e:]s|[e:]s-x|[e:]s-x,y]
storcli /cx add vd each r0 [name=,..] [drives=e:s|e:s-x|e:s-x,y]
	[SED] [pdcache=on|off|default][pi] [DimmerSwitch(ds)=default|automatic(auto)|
	none|maximum(max)|MaximumWithoutCaching(maxnocache)] [WT|WB|AWB] [nora|ra]
	[direct|cached] [Strip=<8|16|32|64|128|256|512|1024>]
storcli /cx add VD cachecade|nytrocache r[aid][0,1,10, 1EC] 
	drives = [e:]s|[e:]s-x|[e:]s-x,y [WT|WB|AWB] [assignvds = 0,1,2] [BOOTVOLSIZE=x]
storcli /cx/ex show all 
storcli /cx/ex show status 
storcli /cx/vx del [cachecade] [force]
storcli /cx delete events
storcli /cx show events [[type= <sincereboot| sinceshutdown| includedeleted|
latest=x| ccincon vd=<0,1,...>] filter=<info|warning|critical|fatal>]
storcli /cx show eventloginfo
storcli /cx show health [all]
storcli /cx delete securitykey
storcli /cx set securitykey=xxxxxxxx {passphrase=xxxx} {keyid=xxx}
storcli /cx start Diag Duration= 
storcli /cx set securitykey keyid=xxx
storcli /cx compare securitykey=xxxxxxxxxx
storcli /cx set termlog[=on|off|offthisboot]
storcli /cx show termlog [type=config|contents]
storcli /cx delete termlog
storcli /cx set securitykey=xxxxxxxx oldsecuritykey=xxxxxxxx
	{passphrase=xxxx} {keyid=xxx}
storcli /cx/dx show 
storcli /cx/dall show cachecade 
storcli /cx/dx show all 
storcli /cx/dall show mirror 
storcli /cx/dall split mirror 
storcli /cx/dall add mirror src= [force] 
storcli /cx show freespace
storcli /cx/fall show [all] [securityKey = xxx]
storcli /cx/fall del|delete [securityKey = xxx]
storcli /cx/fall import [preview] [securityKey = xxx]
storcli /cx/vx set ssdcaching=on|off
storcli /cx/dx set security=on
storcli /cx/vx show expansion
storcli /cx show fshinting
storcli /cx/vx set fshinting=
storcli /cx/vx expand Size= [expandarray]
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx show 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx show all
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx start rebuild 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx stop rebuild 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx pause rebuild 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx resume rebuild 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx show rebuild 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx show health 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx start copyback target=e:s 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx stop copyback 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx pause copyback 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx resume copyback 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx show copyback 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx start initialization  
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx stop initialization  
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx show initialization  
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx start locate  
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx stop locate  
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx show securitykey keyid 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx add hotsparedrive [DGs=<N|0,1,2...>] [enclaffinity]
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx delete hotsparedrive
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx spinup
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx spindown
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx set online 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx set offline 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx set missing 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx set jbod 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx set good [force]  
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx insert dg=A array=B row=C 
storcli /cx/vx set emulationType=0|1
storcli /cx/vx set wrcache=WT|WB|AWB
storcli /cx/vx set rdcache=RA|NoRA
storcli /cx/vx set iopolicy=Cached|Direct
storcli /cx/vx set accesspolicy=RW|RO|Blocked|RmvBlkd
storcli /cx/vx set pdcache=On|Off|Default
storcli /cx/vx set name=
storcli /cx/vx set HostAccess=ExclusiveAccess|SharedAccess
storcli /cx/vx set ds=Default|Auto|None|Max|MaxNoCache
storcli /cx/vx set autobgi=On|Off
storcli /cx/vx set pi=Off
storcli /cx/vx show
storcli /cx/vx show all
storcli /cx/vx show init
storcli /cx/vx show cc
storcli /cx/vx show erase
storcli /cx/vx show migrate
storcli /cx/vx show bgi
storcli /cx/vx show autobgi
storcli /cx/vx show trim
storcli /cx set consistencycheck|cc=[off|seq|conc] [delay=value]
	starttime=yyyy/mm/dd hh] [excludevd=x-y,z]
storcli /cx show cc|consistencycheck
storcli /cx show ocr 
storcli /cx set ocr=<on|off>
storcli /cx/vx start init[Full][Force]
storcli /cx/vx start erase [simple|normal|thorough|standard][patternA=]
storcli /cx/vx start cc[Force]
storcli /cx/vx start migrate type=raidx [option=add|remove 
	drives=[e:]s|[e:]s-x|[e:]s-x,y] [Force] 
storcli /cx/vx stop init
storcli /cx/vx stop erase
storcli /cx/vx stop cc
storcli /cx/vx stop bgi
storcli /cx/vx pause cc
storcli /cx/vx pause bgi
storcli /cx/vx resume cc
storcli /cx/vx resume bgi
storcli /cx show 
storcli /cx show all 
storcli /cx show preservedcache 
storcli /cx/vx delete preservedcache[force] 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx download src= [satabridge] [mode= 5|7]
storcli /cx/ex download src= [forceActivate] 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx secureerase [force]  
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx start erase [simple| normal| thorough | standard| threepass]
   [patternA=] [patternB=]
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx stop erase 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx show erase 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx show rawdata pageaddr= file= 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx set bootdrive=<on|off> 
storcli /cx/vx set bootdrive=<on|off>
storcli /cx show bootdrive
storcli /cx show bootwithpinnedcache
storcli /cx set bootwithpinnedcache=<on|off>
storcli /cx show activityforlocate
storcli /cx set activityforlocate=<on|off>
storcli /cx show copyback
storcli /cx set copyback=<on|off> type=smartssd|smarthdd|all 
storcli /cx show jbod
storcli /cx set jbod=<on|off> 
storcli /cx set autorebuild=<on|off> 
storcli /cx show autorebuild
storcli /cx show cachebypass
storcli /cx set cachebypass=<on|off> 
storcli /cx show usefdeonlyencrypt
storcli /cx set usefdeonlyencrypt=<on|off>
storcli /cx show prcorrectunconfiguredareas
storcli /cx set prcorrectunconfiguredareas=<on|off> 
storcli /cx show batterywarning
storcli /cx set batterywarning=<on|off> 
storcli /cx show abortcconerror
storcli /cx set abortcconerror=<on|off> 
storcli /cx show ncq
storcli /cx set ncq=<on|off> 
storcli /cx show maintainpdfailhistory
storcli /cx set maintainpdfailhistory=<on|off> 
storcli /cx show restorehotspare
storcli /cx set restorehotspare=<on|off> 
storcli /cx set bios [state=<on|off>] [Mode=<SOE|PE|IE|SME>] [abs=<on|off>]
storcli /cx show bios 
storcli /cx show alarm
storcli /cx set alarm=<on|off|silence> 
storcli /cx show foreignautoimport
storcli /cx set foreignautoimport=<on|off> 
storcli /cx show directpdmapping
storcli /cx set directpdmapping=<on|off> 
storcli /cx show rebuildrate
storcli /cx set rebuildrate= 
storcli /cx show loadbalancemode
storcli /cx set loadbalancemode=<on|off> 
storcli /cx show eghs
storcli /cx set eghs [state=<on|off>] [eug=<on|off>] [smarter=<on|off>] 
storcli /cx show cacheflushint
storcli /cx set cacheflushint= 
storcli /cx show prrate
storcli /cx set prrate= 
storcli /cx show ccrate
storcli /cx set ccrate= 
storcli /cx show bgirate
storcli /cx set bgirate = 
storcli /cx show dpm 
storcli /cx set dpm =<on|off> 
storcli /cx show sgpioforce 
storcli /cx set sgpioforce =<on|off> 
storcli /cx set supportssdpatrolread =<on|off> 
storcli /cx show migraterate
storcli /cx set migraterate= 
storcli /cx show spinupdrivecount
storcli /cx show wbsupport
storcli /cx set spinupdrivecount= 
storcli /cx show spinupdelay
storcli /cx set spinupdelay= 
storcli /cx show coercion
storcli /cx set coercion= 
storcli /cx show smartpollinterval
storcli /cx set smartpollinterval= 
storcli /cx show eccbucketsize
storcli /cx set eccbucketsize= 
storcli /cx show eccbucketleakrate
storcli /cx set eccbucketleakrate= 
storcli /cx show backplane
storcli /cx set backplane mode= expose=<on/off> 
storcli /cx show perfmode
storcli /cx set perfmode= [maxflushlines= numiostoorder=]
storcli /cx show perfmodevalues
storcli /cx show pi
storcli /cx set pi [state=<on|off>] [import=<on|off>]
storcli /cx show time
storcli /cx set time= 
storcli /cx show ds
storcli /cx set ds=OFF type=1|2|3|4
storcli /cx set ds=ON type=1|2 [properties]
storcli /cx set ds=ON type=3|4 DefaultLdType= [properties]
storcli /cx set ds [properties] 
storcli /cx show safeid
storcli /cx show rehostinfo
storcli /cx show pci
storcli /cx show ASO
storcli /cx set aso key= preview
storcli /cx set aso key=
storcli /cx set aso transfertovault
storcli /cx set aso rehostcomplete
storcli /cx set aso deactivatetrialkey
storcli /cx set factory defaults
storcli /cx download file= [fwtype=] [ResetNow] [nosigchk] 
storcli /cx flush|flushcache
storcli /cx/px show 
storcli /cx/px show all
storcli /cx/px set linkspeed=0|1.5|3|6|12 
storcli /cx/bbu show 
storcli /cx/bbu show all 
storcli /cx/bbu show status 
storcli /cx/bbu show properties 
storcli /cx/bbu show learn 
storcli /cx/bbu show gasgauge Offset=xxxx Numbytes=n 
storcli /cx/bbu start learn 
storcli /cx/bbu show modes 
storcli /cx/bbu set [ learnDelayInterval= | bbuMode=  
	|learnStartTime=[DDD HH | off] | autolearnmode= | powermode=sleep | writeaccess=sealed ]
storcli /cx/cv set SCAPVPD file= VPDPage=
storcli /cx/cv show 
storcli /cx/cv show all 
storcli /cx/cv show status 
storcli /cx/cv show learn 
storcli /cx/cv show SCAPVPD file= VPDPage=
storcli /cx/cv start learn 
storcli /cx show securitykey keyid 
storcli /cx start patrolread
storcli /cx stop patrolread
storcli /cx pause patrolread
storcli /cx resume patrolread
storcli /cx show patrolRead
storcli /cx show powermonitoringinfo
storcli /cx set patrolread = {{on mode=<auto|manual> }|{off}}
storcli /cx set patrolread [starttime=< yyyy/mm/dd hh>] 
	[maxconcurrentpd =] [includessds=<on|onlymixed|off>]
storcli /cx set patrolread delay = 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx show diag paniclog [Query] | [ExtractSlot=x] 
                                         | [EraseSlot=x] [file=filepath]
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx show diag smartlog [file=filepath] 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx show diag errorlog [file=filepath] 
storcli /cx del Nytrocache [force]
storcli /cx show badblocks
storcli /cx flasherase 
storcli /cx shutdown 
storcli /cx/mx set mode= 
storcli /cx/mx show 
storcli /cx transform iMR 
storcli /cx restart 
storcli /cx/vx show BBMT
storcli /cx/vx delete BBMT
storcli /xd add type=CacheDev 
                <devices=comma separated cache devices  | ALL> [force] 
storcli /xd add type=VirtualDrive 
                <devices=comma separated Virtual drives | ALL> 
storcli /xd delete type= 
                        <devices=comma separated cache devices or 
                        Virtual drives as applicable | ALL> 
storcli /xd show type= [state=<assigned|unassigned>] 
storcli /xd show 
storcli /xd show perfmon 
storcli /xd/wd<X|ALL> show 
storcli /xd/wd<X|ALL> show safeid 
storcli /xd set online [Vds=comma separated VD ids] 
storcli /xd/wdX apply key=value 
storcli /cx[/ex]/sx start format [thorough] 
storcli /cx show dequeuelog file=
storcli /cx show maintenance
storcli /cx set maintenance mode=normal|nodevices 

Note:Use 'page=[x]'as the last option in all the commands to set the page break.
      X=lines per page. E.g. 'storcli help page=10'



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