Venice Control

Jorge Zepeda -

Venice Control requires Spycer to be installed and configured in the same computer to operate, the Venice server you wish to control must be licensed with the Venice Control option.  The Venice server must be running Venice version or higher.

VENICE Control Release Notes [pdf]

VENICE Control [256 MB]

Includes: Apple [116 MB] + Windows [147 MB]

VENICE Control 
• Client-server architecture for maximum reliability
• Control up to 16 R&S®VENICE 2U and R&S®VENICE 4K ingest channels
• Gang records in up to 4 ingest groups
• Creation of predefined recording and destination presets
• Automatic file naming and folder creation using wildcards
• Dual-destination recording
• Integrated R&S®Spycer file browser (read-only; full Spycer functionality requires Spycer license)

Known Issues
• Some codec (H.264, MPEG2, Quicktime) specific configurations can only be modified by FIMS defaults on the server
• Presets and Scenarios of Beta versions are not compatible
• Sometimes the video stream does not show up
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