ATTO Multipath Director installation

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Install the Multipath Director driver to improve Fibre Channel failover / failback performance.

On a dual channel Fibre connection, we observed a couple of seconds of data flow interruption when one of the two Fibre connection is removed, data resumes flowing on the surviving connection.

Upon restoring the connection, data starts to flow again within the time set by the io_penalty_time= option in the /etc/fstab entry, this is a StorNext setting and the default is 300 seconds, we recommend 30.

spycerbox               /media/spycerbox        cvfs    rw,io_penalty_time=30    0 0


Download the Multipath Director driver or goto and get the latest. 

8Gb v2.10MP:
16/32Gb v1.60MP:

This example we used the 8Gb card.


Installation procedure for ATTO Multipath Director driver in RedHat based machines. 

Confirm the ATTO Fibre Channel card is installed, it will be shown as PMC-Sierra. 

# lspci | grep -i fibre
84:00.0 Fibre Channel: PMC-Sierra Inc. Device 8032 (rev 08)
84:00.1 Fibre Channel: PMC-Sierra Inc. Device 8032 (rev 08)

Identify if the ATTO driver is installed, the mp is the multipath driver, if it doesn't say mp then it is not the multipath driver.

# lsmod | grep -i cel
celerity8fcmp         668520  6

This example uses the dual 8Gb card.

Multipath Director replaces the need of device-mapper-multipath.

Extract the tgz with tar zxvf lnx_drv_celerity8mp_210.tgz

cd into the expanded directory and run the installer, install the tools also when asked.

# ./ 

ATTO Technology, Inc.
Linux Driver Install Script v2.65

Building and installing the ATTO "Celerity FC 8Gb Multipathing" driver, please wait...
Successfully installed the "Celerity FC 8Gb Multipathing" driver
Would you like to load the driver now? [Y/n]
Please wait a moment while the driver loads...
The celerity8fcmp driver has been loaded

ATTO Technology, Inc.
CLI Tool Install Script v1.3

This script will install ATTO CLI tools on your system:
Are you sure you want to proceed [Y/n]? Y

Additional Tool

Optionally you may install the attoconfig tool to help in viewing the ports and devices attached.





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