Venice Control & Venice View port numbers

Robert Leong -

Here is a short overview of the network ports used by Venice.
Port        Protocol        Use
3702        UDP (multicast) WS-Discovery
4711        TCP            Channel 1 commands and streaming
4712        TCP            Channel 2 commands and streaming
4713        TCP            Channel 3 commands and streaming
4714        TCP            Channel 4 commands and streaming
8011        TCP            FIMS/MOS channel 1
8012        TCP            FIMS/MOS channel 2
8013        TCP            FIMS/MOS channel 3
8014        TCP            FIMS/MOS channel 4
30001      UDP (multicast) SpycerNet
30001-40001 TCP            SpycerNet

All these ports have to be reachable on the Venice system, so Venice Control/Play/View can connect. The Spycer ports also have to be open on the client system, because Spycer is peer-to-peer (there is no client-server relation).

WS-Discovery is what fills the channel list in Venice Control/Play/View. Without that you won't see any channels in the list.
Spycer is used to browse on the Venice, so you probably want to open that too.

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