Venice 2u IPMI Remote Control screen

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Reference ticket #27311 IPMI to the SpycerBox.

This article is for Venice 2u

This isn't really useful on a production Venice because Remote Control seems to only work with the built-in VGA on the motherboard, if an add-on video card is stalled such as in default Venici, the Remote Control screen is blank, but the key stokes are passed to the Venice however. 

So this information is only useful for taking nice screenshots of BIOS for documentation purpose.


To get the Remote Control to the screen of the Venice 2u, you will need to:

  1. Remove the add-on video card, and use the motherboard VGA port.
  2. Install latest version of Java (tested on Windows 7).
  3. Add the IPMI IP address to the Exception Site List in Configure java:

Start > All Programs > Java > Configure Java > Security > Edit Site List... > Add

Click on the Launch button in the Dashboard tab to start the Remote Control. 

You might need to click on Video > Refresh Video or (Alt E) to refesh the screen.

Adjust the video quality with Video > Compression Mode and Video > DCT Quantization Table.





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