Applying a new StorNext license

Robert Leong -

Applying a new StorNext license for

  • Single MDC/MDS non HA/failover
  • SpycerBox Ultra/Flex/Cell
  • Venice

MDC (Meta Data Controller) and MDS (Meta Data Server) are synonymous in this document.

This will retain the data in the filesystem (even if the current license has expired) and will not erase existing data.

Linux working knowledge is a prerequisite to perform this procedure.

1) On the MDS, open a terminal session.  Login as root, default password is dvssan.

2) Change to the StorNext config directory

cd /usr/cvfs/config

3) Make a copy of the existing license.dat file in case it is needed it later.

cp license.dat license.dat.backup1

4) Copy the new license in to the directory use cp or the File Browser GUI.

5) Rename it to license.dat

mv new.license.dat license.dat

6) Check the status of the new license (StorNext 4 and higher)

/usr/cvfs/bin/snlicense -v server

7) Can also verify by cvadmin, followed by the 'who' command, the last two entries reports the number of licenses.

snadmin (spycerbox) > who
Who (File System "spycerbox")
# SNFS I.D. Type Location Up Time License Expires
-- ---------- ---- --------------- --------- ---------------
0> FSM sbultra-136100027 0d 7h 16m N/A
1> 259004D1B4 CLI 0d 7h 16m *06-07-2012 23:59:59
2> 259004D1B4 CLI sbultra-136100027 0d 7h 16m *06-07-2012 23:59:59
17> ADM sbultra-136100027 0d 0h 0m N/A
2 active connections out of 65535 licensed connections
0 active connections out of 65535 licensed proxy connections
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