How to Install Stornext Client on a Windows System

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How to Install Stornext (CVFS / SNFS) on a Windows System (3.5 and higher)

This document assumes you have already installed your fiber channel card and the system is able to see the LUNs needed. It also assumes that you have set one Ethernet port to an IP that is within the same subnet as the MDC (Metadata Controller) and you are able to ping that system.

1.    Unzip the install package and click on SnfsSetup64
2.    Click on Install Stornext
3.    The Wizard will open. Enter the appropriate Info when needed and press next
4.    When asked, select Client Only
5.    Click Install
6.    Once installed, click Finish.
7.    A dialog box will then pop up advising you that the install is fully complete.
8.    In a few seconds another box will pop up allowing you to configure your install. Click on Configure Stornext.
9.    In the new Window, click on Name Servers.
10.    In the new window, enter the IP of your MDC then click ADD. If you have multiple MDCs, repeat  until all the IPs of the MDCs are added. Once all have been added, click Ok. Once done it will ask you if you want to restart the service. Click Yes.
11.    Click on Client Configuration

12.    In the new window, select the filesystem you would like to mount, and click map drive.
13.    Choose the drive letter you would like to map the drive as.
14.    Click Apply.
15.    Repeat steps 12 – 14 for all the filesystems you would like mapped on this system.

16.    Once you are done mapping, click on Exit to exit the client configuration.

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