DLC configuration example

Robert Leong -

A drawing that should help to explain how DLC is connected to the SAN.

DLC uses Ethernet to move data instead of Fibre Channel.

DLC pros:

  • DLC license costs less.
  • Ethernet components costs less.

DLC cons:

  • Ethernet data rate is slower (assume using GigE) vs 8GB of FC.
  • Requires another separate Ethernet network to support DLC (a separate switch or VLAN), cable run to support this DLC network to each station, additional NIC connect on each station.
  • Require FC client to server as the DLC server.

The drawing:

  • The top part is a traditional SAN using FC connections, no DLC.
  • The bottom shows the traditional SAN plus DLC added (in green). One of the Fiber Client is designated as a DLC Server, it servers data to the DLCs with its FC connection to the SAN, it is like a gateway between FC and DLC (Ethernet).
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