Changing the Spycerbox ID

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As of late 2012, the newer DVS web GUI installed now supports changing the ID.  The SycerBoxes are RHEL 6.2 based and StorNext 4.3:

1. go to "https://<IP_of_the_SBU>" (ex: (or: https://localhost)
2. login/pass = admin/dvssan
3. Choose "Fiber Channel"
4. You should set the SpycerBox ID to a unique among all the SpycerBoxes. If it is already unique then there shouldn't be any reason to change the setting.
5. Reboot the SpycerBox (meaning, shutdown the clients or unmount and stop the stornext/xsan service on each client, then power cycle the SpycerBox)


***for expansions or multiple Spycerboxes on the same SAN***

This is needed for the newer LION Macs and possibly the older Leopard and Snow Leopard macs as well.

1. Open the web GUI and click on Fibre Channel on the left side

2. Click on "Stop FibreChannel targets"

3. Wait for a minute.

4. Click again on Fibre Channel. It should ask if you want to set the number of targets and initiators. Do not select anything.

5. Open a CLI, and edit the file located at:  /etc/opt/DVS/Spycerbox/SpycerboxID  (if no file, create one)

6. In the first line, change the 1 to a 2 (or anything else, this is the SpycerBox ID)

7. Go back to the Web GUI, and then select the number of targets an initiators you want.  The ID as previously configured will be added to the LUN name.

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