Rebuilding the 30 day StorNext temp SNFS license

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Rebuilding the 30 day StorNext temp SNFS license 

see also: Remake a StorNext temp license (cvmkfs)

WARNING, this WILL delete ALL DATA that previously existed on that volume!

Login to the system. 
Open a terminal session. 
From within the terminal session: 
Verify the mount point of the CVFS filesystem. 

df –h 

This will show the mounted drives. Usually the SNFS filesystem will be mounted in /media/xxxxxxxxxx. For example: /dev/cvfsctl1_spycerbox 25T 4.2G 25T 1% /media/spycer-vol0. /media/spycer-vol0 is where the CVFS filesystem is currently mounted. 
Make sure no programs are running, and then unmount the CVFS filesystem. 

umount /media/xxxxxxx 

Navigate to the CVFS config folder. 

cd /usr/cvfs/config 

Rename the license file: 

mv license.dat license.old1 

Navigate into the bin dir: 

cd ../bin 

Enter cvadmin: 


Stop the filesystem from within cvadmin: 

select 1 
stop 1 

Go back to config folder 

cd ./config 

Verify the exact name of the filesystem and .cfg file 

ls –lah 

File name will be something like spycerbox.cfg or venice-12324891.cfg. Write it down. 

Remaking the filesystem **** WARNING, this WILL delete ALL DATA that previously existed on that volume!****

../bin/cvmkfs (name of the .cfg file without .cfg on it) 

Example: ../bin/cvmkfs spycerbox 
It will ask if you are sure. Only type y if you ARE sure. Again, once you hit y and the enter key, you will lose ANYTHING that was on that volume previously... you have been warned! 
Once the filesystem is rebuilt, you’ll need to start and activate it: 

service cvfs restart

df –h 

we are looking to see something like: 
/dev/cvfsctl1_spycerbox 25T 4.2G 25T 1% /media/spycer-vol0 
Finally, verify the license: 

cat license.dat 

In the output we are looking to verify the expire date is now 30 days from today: 
Expiration: 2011 9/25

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