DDN S2A9900 / SS6000 / SS7000 firmware upgrade

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SAN downtime is required for this procedure, stop the StroNext process from the Meta Data Servers before starting.

TFTP is used to perform firmware upgrade, run the TFTP server on the MDS or any computer support TFTP, put the DDN firmware in the designated directory in the server, typically it is tftpboot.

Read this to enable TFTP on a computer: http://support.dvsus.com/entries/21990068-enable-tftp-server

The procedures are different for updating the controller (S2A) and the drive enclosures (SS6000 / SS7000).

For a complete list of DDN S2A9900 commands, see this: http://support.dvsus.com/entries/22003243-ddn-s2a-commands

To check the latest available firmware for download, see this: http://support.dvsus.com/entries/23561081-DDN-downloads-SFAOS-and-S2A

Update the S2A controller firmware:

This only takes 1 minute to update, will require restart of controllers.   Each controller are updated separately in a two controller setup.

From the S2A controller, use the 'tftp' command.

Here is a log of the tftp:


S2A 9900[1]: tftp

WARNING: This command will upgrade the firmware of the unit.

Do you want to continue? (y/N): y

Enter the TFTP server IP Address (Q to quit):

Enter the filename (Q to quit): 9900-605.fsh

Transferring file...

Firmware Offset is 0x05F47634

Decrypting firmware image.....Done
Verifying firmware image in memory.....Done

Writing firmware image to flash...
Writing flash 0 block 47
Flash Write Completed.
Firmware written successfully.
Firmware upgrade complete.

The System firmware has been upgraded to: 9900-605.fsh

A RESTART is required for the upgrade to take effect. 

Update the drive enclosure firmware:

This takes a long time, 15 minutes per enclosure plus additional time to double power cycling.

A double power cycle procedure is required after the drive enclosure firmware is downloaded.

  1. Shutdown the S2A controller(s), use the 'shutdown' or 'shutdown dual' command.
  2. Turn off the power switches on the S2A and drive enclosures, wait 15 seconds.
  3. Turn on just the drive enclosures and leave it alone for 90 seconds.
  4. Turn off the drive enclosures again, wait 15 seconds.
  5. Turn on just the drive enclosure again and wait 90 seconds.
  6. Turn on the S2A controller(s).  If you have two turn them both on at the same time.

If the firmware is already updated, the system will not reflash again, saving sometime if there is a mixed firmware environment.

From the S2A controller, ses must be turned on (ses on), this is typically on the 1st S2A in a couplet configuration.

Use 'disk list' to show a summary of the enclosure firmware, it is at the end of the list.  If need to use 'ses show=121?' to show a more detailed list of each enclosure, there are multiple cards that needs the firmware in each enclosure.  Do 'ses show=121a' for 1st enclosure, then 'ses show=121b' for 2nd....c, d, e, f, g, h, p, s.

This is a back ground task, once started the S2A returns to the command prompt, to get current status on the progress type the "ses download" command again.

From the S2A controller 1 use the 'ses download' command.

Here is a log of a ses download (5 enclosures setup):

S2A 9900[1]: ses download

WARNING!!! It is recommended that all host IO
be shutdown prior to its use.

Also, any outstanding formats or rebuilds running on this
unit or the other unit (if enabled) should be complete before running
this command. Use the LUN or TIER commands on both units to
check the status of any outstanding formats or rebuilds
before proceeding.

Enter 'P' to proceed with this command or Q to quit.

Enter the TFTP server IP Address or
Return to use the last TFTP address:
'q' return to the previous menu

TFTP address:

Enter the Enclosure Firmware filename (q to exit): SA4601_C03_005.DDN

Transferring file...SES Download Image Information:
Enclosure Vendor: DDN
Enclosure Product ID: SA4601
Firmware Overall Version: C03.005
Firmware Release Date: 04-JAN-2010

Enter Download Destination (, , ALL, or Q): ALL
The following enclosure(s) will be downloaded:
EncID:50001FF1:203E0000(121A) - SES device: SA4601
EncID:50001FF1:1E850000(121C) - SES device: SA4601
EncID:50001FF1:0FA81000(121E) - SES device: SA4601
EncID:50001FF1:123C1000(121G) - SES device: SA4601
EncID:50001FF1:11FF1000(121P) - SES device: SA4601

Enter 'P' to proceed with this command or Q to quit.
S2A 9900[1]:

To find out the current progress:

S2A 9900[1]: ses download
Download Status for firmware version: C03.005, Release Date: 04-JAN-2010.
Downloading image 1 of 5 on 121A, 21% complete.
Downloading image 1 of 5 on 121C, 21% complete.
Downloading image 1 of 5 on 121E, 21% complete.
Downloading image 1 of 5 on 121G, 21% complete.
Downloading image 1 of 5 on 121P, 21% complete.

You will be prompted on the command line when the downloading are complete.

Follow the double power cycle procedure described above.

After rebooting, use 'disk list' to verify the updates.

If some enclosures did not take the updates, try again with 'ses download'. 





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