DDN S2A9900 tier changemap

Robert Leong -

If upgrading a DDN 3 JBOD to 5 or 10 JBOD, the 1st power on after rewiring will require a command to change the tier mapping reflecting the new physical JBOD layout.  

Session log below is from a RS232 connection to the S2A during power up boot, changing from mode 17 (3 enclosures, 4 segments of 15 drives each) to 15 (5 enclosures, 2 segments of 30 drives each).

Try to do this as soon as you are able to get console control, you might need to reboot again if the tiers does not lineup correctly at the completion of boot.

S2A 9900[1](BOOTING): login
Enter a login name: admin
Enter the password: password

Successful CLI session login.
New owner : admin.
New security level: Administrative.

S2A 9900[1](BOOTING): tier changemap

Supported mapping modes:
15) SAS_2X Enclosure mapping.
16) SAS_1X Enclosure mapping.
17) SAS_4X Enclosure mapping.

Current mapping mode: 0: 'Standard Enclosure'
Newly defaulted mapping mode: 17: 'SAS_4X Enclosure'

Enter the new mapping mode (15..17), 'e' to escape:

INFO CLI_MAIN 8-14 10:51:24 Tier mapping updated: 15, SAS_2X Enclosure. 





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