Power up sequence of a DVS-SAN

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Power up sequence of a DVS-SAN in a DVS Rack (with S2A9900, SS6000/SS7000, MDS, Metadata storage, Qlogic Fiber switch, and HP network switch)

1. Turn on the PSU (power strips) in the rack(s). They can be located on both sides of the racks, with up to 8 total in a full sized rack. Each PDU has 2 switches that must be turned on to power all plugs in that PDU.

2. Verify that the HP network switch turned on. If you have DotHill as metadata storage, this will also turn on when you flip the switch on the PDUs.

3. Turn on the Qlogic Fiber switch. It usually takes 3-5 minutes for the switch to full come up and be operational. If you aren't sure, wait a couple more minutes.

3.1  Turn on the DotHill Meta RAID.

4. Turn on the drive JBOD chassis. They usually take 30 seconds or so from flipping the switch to being ready. One tip is to listen to the fans. When they are first turned on, the fans are spinning full blast, and you can hear when they spin down a bit. Once they slow down, the chassis are ready to go.

5. Turn on the S2A(s). If you have 2 of them, power them both at the same time. These take at least 5 min to boot and get ready. Unless you have a serial connection, the easiest way to see when they are fully booted is to go to the back and verify the fiber ports have a blue light (if 8 gig) or orange (if 4 gig). If ALL the lights are still lit, it's still booting, so wait a couple more min.

If you do have a serial connection, then the settings are as follows:

BPS: 115200

Data Bits = 8

Parity = none

Stop bits = 1

Flow Control = none

6. Turn on your MDS(s). If you have 2 MDSs in failover, you can boot them both at the same time.

7. Once you can log into the MDSs, log in as root / dvssan, open a terminal, and type cvadmin. If you can see filesystems, then they are up and running, To verify, type exit to leave the cvadmin program, and then type df. this should show if the filesystem is mounting and should show a line with /media/****your SAN volumes name here****


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