Migrating SpycerBox meta to SSD

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See also Moving a Metadata LUN on StorNext 4.x


Below are some links to videos on the Meta migration; an overview and some specific steps.

The migration will take several hours, planning on a whole day just in case, mostly because the need to move the meta data two times.

The destination Meta LUN must be equal or larger than the original.

Here is the high level overview:

This is the long about way!  Using USB drive as interim storage.

1st, move the meta data from current hard disk to external USB device.

2nd, remove the meta hard disks and replace them with SSDs, RAID and StroNext label the SSDs, move the meta data from USB to SSDs.

Each meta move takes about 100 minutes, need to do this two times.

Note: A shorter and "move the meta one time" way requires an external 2.5" drives SAS enclosure, this connects to the SAS expander ports of the SpycerBox. Connect the new SSD drives in it, make a RAID set of them and move the meta to it.  Afterwards remove the old meta from the SpycerBox and install these in it.

Overview-meta migration


Videos on how to migrate the HDD based meta to SSD.

1. cvfsck-HDD-part1

2. cvfsck-HDD-part2

3. Prepare to migrate

4. ID the USB device

5. cvlabel-Create cvlabel file-1TB

6. cvlabel-Write cvlabel to device-1TB

7. sndiskmove to USB

8. sndiskmove to USB done

9. Format SSD LSI p1

10. Format SSD LSI p2

11. ID_the_SSD_device

12. cvlabel-SSD

13. sndiskmove USB to SSD p1

14. sndiskmove USB to SSD done

15. Start FS after 2nd migration

16. cvfsck-SSD-part1

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Hi Robert,

I just finished the migration successfully! Thank you for the detailed instructions. Everything
went pretty smooth.

Only three minor things, in case you wish to refine the instructions for others:

Since I had a reboot after the initial cvlabel of the external drive I ran into the
“disk not found” issue when I went to do the first sndiskmove. At the time I simply
relabeled the external drive and went on my way. Later I found your instructions
for doing a “disks refresh” in cvadmin.

It’s probably my version of CVFS, but I need the verbose flag with fsck
(cvfsck –vn) to get the same output as you.

First time i inserted the new SSD’s the box didn’t come up at all. I popped them
out, powered up fine, shutdown, reinserted the SSD’s, and the system was fine from
there. Who knows? Maybe I had a fail on the first insertion.

Anyway, we’re back up and running, and everything looks good. Doing a “du –sh” on
a 67GB directory with 1,376,591 entries took 3 min. 46 secs. IOPS on the metadata spindles
were peaking around 5000!!! No wonder the old SAS set couldn’t keep up.

Thanks again!

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