DotHill 300GB Maxtor replacements

Robert Leong -

This is a case opened with DotHill (#67268) with some additional updates from Robert Leong.


Seagate and Hitachi replacing Maxtor drives do not work, as Maxtor with latest firmware (BK0B) seem slightly larger.


No one followed up 67096, so I am creating another.


I think I need a matrix from you guys to figure out the 300GB cross compatibility.


We have the following 300GB drives in our spares inventory:


Maxtor FRUKF08-01 Reports 300.11GB using BK0B firmware. Earlier firmware (BP00) reports 300.00GB?

Hitachi FRUKF06-01 rev H not sure what it reports (likely 300.00GB).

Seagate FRUKF06-01 rev H reports 300.00GB with firmware 0006.


Most of our customer have the Maxtor drives, we sent them a Seagate and it is smaller and don't work.

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