CLI Permission Changing on SAN folder / Volume

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Steps for manually opening permissions on a SAN volume:


  • Open a terminal, and get root access

For linux,  type su then <enter> and enter the password for root.
For a mac, unless you turned on root, you need to type sudo su then <enter>, and enter the box’s administrator password.

  • Verify what the SAN volume is mounted as

                Type   df –h

This will give you an output similar to this:

Filesystem                                                            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/sdb1                                                              57G   45G  9.8G  82% /

tmpfs                                                                     5.9G   33M  5.9G   1% /dev/shm 

/dev/cvfsctl1_spycerbox27                               12T  6.6G   12T   1% /media/spycer-vol0


In our case, we now know that the spycerbox volume is mounted at /media/spycer-vol/

  • Once root user, the generic command is as follows:

            chmod –R 777 /the_path_you_want_to_change

  • So, if you are on a mac, it’ll probably be something like

             chmod –R 777 /Volumes/spycerboxflex/


  • On linux it might be something like

              chmod –R 777 /media/spycerbox/

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