DDN SS6000 power supplies

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Type 1 and 2 should not co-exist in same JBOD, use both of the same type. 

Type 2 is a newer version. 

In a mixed type 1 and 2 setup, type 1 have a slow failover ramp up if type 2 fails, causing power interruption to the entire JBOD. 

In a both type 1 setup, you can replace a failed type 1 with type 2, ensure type 2 is up and operational, then remove the other type 1, replace it with type 2. 

Type 1 PSU - DDN PN FRU-60S-PS: 
-Serial number starting with 'CATEC' 
-Metal latch power cable retention 
-LED silkscreen wraps around Power Switch 
-9900 'ses show=121x' or 6620/10k 'show power_supply' shows serial number starting with 'CATEC' 

Type 2 PSU - DDN PN FRU-60S-PS3: 
-Serial number starting with 'THDEL'
-Plastic strap power cable retention 
-LED silkscreen is horizontal bar above Power Switch 
-9900 'ses show=121x' or 6620/10k 'show power_supply' shows serial number starting with 'THDEL'
- P/N PWR-00028-02-A


Additional note on "ses show" and "ses show=121?":
'showall' gathers controller side info it does not retrieve all the enclosure info, must use "ses showall" AND "ses show=121?" to get ALL enclosure info.  Only one controller is used for ses, typically it is the frist controller in a dual configuration.  Only need to retrieve from one controller.

ses showall 
ses show=121a 
ses show=121b 
ses show=121c 
ses show=121d 
ses show=121e 
ses show=121f 
ses show=121g 
ses show=121h 
ses show=121p 
ses show=121s


The Power Supply SNs are highlight to show it is type 1.

S2A 9900[1]: ses show=121a

Information about SES module at 121A

Power Supply : 02 0x00

   Power Supply 1 : OK
   Power Supply 1 : Location: PSU 1
   Power Supply 1 : PN: PWR-00028-01-A
   Power Supply 1 : SN: CATEC00094MVF034
   Power Supply 1 : FW Version: 5
   Power Supply 2 : CRITICAL Failure
   Power Supply 2 : Failure Indicator Set
   Power Supply 2 : DC Overvoltage Clear
   Power Supply 2 : DC Undervoltage Clear
   Power Supply 2 : DC Overcurrent Clear
   Power Supply 2 : Over Temperature Clear
   Power Supply 2 : Temperature Warning Clear
   Power Supply 2 : AC Power Fail Set
   Power Supply 2 : DC Power Fail Set
   Power Supply 2 : Location: PSU 2
   Power Supply 2 : PN: PWR-00028-01-A
   Power Supply 2 : SN: CATEC00094MVF035
   Power Supply 2 : FW Version: 5




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