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1) How many NIC connections needed on the Mac client?  One for Meta one for data?

Only one.  The Mac does NOT talk on the meta data network when using GLC.


1.1) If a meta network is needed, do we have to enter the fsnameservers info somewhere?

Meta data network not needed on the Mac.


1.2) This is AFP connection, so we don't need a Meta connection?

Correct, AFP, so no MD connection needed.


2) How to mount the DLC connect on the client?  Is it "Apple > Go > Connect to Server" and enter "afp://" ?

Yes.  Also, the “afp://” is the default, so all you really have to do is “Apple->Go->Connect to Server” and enter the server name/IP.


3) Is Xsan needed on client?  (I assume not).

No, Xsan is NOT needed on the client.  It uses the built-in AFP client on the Mac side.



Met with DVS, and they had the following questions around GLC:


-              Is there any performance data comparing GLC with DLC?

No A/B comparison because they run on different operating systems.  However, in the testing we have done, we’ve seen this:

                CIFS:  60-65 MB/s  (Win server, Mac client)

                GLC:  85-90 MB/s  (Win server, Mac client)

                DLC:  128 MB/s (in lab),  110 MB/s (in field)  (Linux server, Linux client)


-              Does GLC involve server software only or is there also a client component?

Server software only.  Installs on a Windows SAN client.  Nothing on the Mac clients, uses built-in AFP client.


-              What are the system requirements for the Windows server?

Technically, almost any configuration will work.  But a GLC server that will be along the lines of our upcoming gateway would look like this:

·         Quad Core processor

·         16 GB memory

·         MD network

o        1 x 1 Gbit

·         Data network for data sharing to Mac Clients

o        1 or more x 1 Gbit

o        or 10 Gbit NIC

·         FC interface for SAN connectivity

o        4 or 8 Gbit (8 if using 10 Gbit data network)

o        Optional two for redundancy

·         OS: must be supported by SN (Windows 2008/2003)


-              What are the supported Windows versions?

Technically, almost any Windows version will work.  We’re recommending Windows 2008.


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