StorNext (cvfs) filesystem started / activated but won't mount on MDS (RHEL 5/6)

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On the MDS the filesystem starts and being managed but the volume does not mount and returns in /var/log/messages:

  • mount.cvfs: Can´t mount filesystem ‘snfs1’: Device or resource busy—System log may contain additional information

And in dmesg:

  • CvOpenOnePath: Open Failed, disk <test123> error 6 device </dev/sdan>—Could not mount filesystem snfs1, cvfs error ‘File is busy’ (6)


Disable the multipath daemon (multipathed) and /etc/multipath.conf removed.

Do this (tested with RHEL 6.2, SNFS 4.3.0):

#rm /etc/multipath.conf
#mpathconf --disable

Might need to do this too

It is suggested to verify that the Linux Device-Mapper Multipath (DMMultipath) rpms are removed from the system.  

# rpm -qa | grep multipath
# rpm -e device-mapper-multipath

Additional notes:


If the above multipath method does not work, check mdadm to see if it is using the StorNext LUNs and consequently blocking it from StorNext.  Except from ticket #19711 "We have resolved the issue by renaming the md-raid udev rule file, and therefore stoping it from auto starting mdadm on bootup if raid superblocks are discovered"


See ticket #24659 for case notes.

Additional resources:

Quantum Knowledge Base article, download the .pdf file below.

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