Macs don't see the DVS-SAN in GUI or files and folder seemingly disappear

Robert Leong -

Pathfinder will fix a couple of issues where the standard Finder would have problem.

1) Originally from ticket #16773 

Started this morning, all Mac clients don't see the DVS mount icon on the desktop nor in the Devices list on the left side panel.  Windows and Linux has no issues.

CLI sees it under /Volume and has full access from it.

A workaround to get the SAN's volume on a finder by: Go > Go to Folder... > /Volume/DVS-rt0 > Go 

I got the DVS back up on the Macs. It was a hidden issue. 

I used a Tool. Pathfinder ver6 for Mac.

Pathfinder for Mac shows the DVS-rt0 volume as hidden, and it provided a simple way to unhide it. And fixing this on one Mac allowed all Macs to see again.

2) Ticket  #18213

When the files and folders on the SAN seemingly disappear, not refreshed or updated, but they are visible in pathfinder.

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Another workaround is to restart the finder itself. Selecting [Force Quit] from the Apple menu and re-launching the finder will refresh the directory listing.

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