Keyboard and mouse locks on SAN client

Robert Leong -


The keyboard and mouse (USB)  will become inoperative (locked) after booting into the Linux OS.   

If the Fibre Channel is removed before boot, the keyboard and mouse will function normally.


This is due to too many devices / LUNs (/dev/sd....) presented to the Linux OS and the LUNs having StorNext (or maybe others also; ext2, ext3, etc...) labels on them.

Device count of around 230 and higher as seen by the computer will trigger this problem.  

Work around:

  • Reduce the LUNs by reducing any extraneous duplication due to multipathing or switch zoning.
  • Remove the Firbre Channel cables during boot, after boot reconnect the Fibre Channel cables.
  • Use PS2 keyboard / mouse.
  • Change the way Linux boots by keeping the qlogic and stornext services as the last step in the process. [Too Many LUNs Cause Boot Delays]


StorNext software does not need to be installed to trigger this problem.

LUNs without StorNext label does not have this problem, tested with 2000+ LUNs presented to computer.


Seen on (but not limited to): MDS, Venice 2u, CentOS 6.5 , RHEL 6.2.

To do:

Normal setting is run level 5 with X, what happens if booting into run level 3?

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