Setting Port Type in Qlogic HBA (BIOS)

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This was done on a Qlogic QLE2562 Fiber HBA.

1. Upon booting the system, hit <Ctrl + q> to enter the Qlogic HBA BIOS.

2. Select the adapter you would like to change.

*** remember, Qlogic treats each port on a card as it's own adapter. If you have a dual port card, it will show two adapters. 4 port, 4 adapters. 2 x 2port, also 4 adapters***

3. Once you have selected the adapter, go to Adapter settings

4. In the Adapter settings menu, navigate down to Connection Options and hit <Enter>

5. In the Type of Connection menu, select the connection type you would like to use. (We normally use Option 2)

6. Once the change is completed, hit <Esc> to exit and the system will ask you to reboot.

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