Diag logs from DDN SFA controller

Robert Leong -

To collect and upload the diags:

From a linux system issue the command below:
ssh diag@ctrlr_ip_address tgz > srnumber_customer_controller_date.tgz
Where:  "srnumber" is the five digit service request number that was assigned your case when you opened a ticket in the support web portal.
ssh diag@ tgz > sr12345_ddn_C0_090211.tgz
Password: user

Once you have both diags collected please FTP to: ftp.ddntsr.com
Login with User anonymous type: anonymous
Enter the password: email address
Change to the upload directory type: cd /upload
Change to binary mode type: binary
Enter the put command type: put sr12345_ddn_C0_090211.tgz
   (When the upload is finished upload the other controller diag file)
Enter the put command type: put sr12345_ddn_C1_090211.tgz
   (Wait for the upload to finish then close the FTP session)
Enter the quit command type: quit

What is in the tgz:
show sub sum and show sub sum all are here: /tmp/diag_health_monitoring_report.txt

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