Dell Force 10 setup

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The basic configuration of the switch has been done via serial connection followed by "Quick Start Guides" delivered with the switch:

Force10# enable
Force10# configure
Force10(conf)# hostname Force10_S25

Force10_S60-3(conf)#interface range gigabitethernet 0/1 - 24
Force10_S60-3(conf-if-range-te-0/48-49)# switchport
Force10_S60-3(conf-if-range-te-0/48-49)# no shutdown
Force10_S60-3(conf-if-range-te-0/48-49)# exit

Do a power cycle to make sure the setting sticks.

If changes are not sticking on power cycle or restart, try these things:

  1. copy running-config to startup-config.
  2. Reload type to normal instead of jump start, "reload-type normal-reload"

Additional references:

Excerpt of an email thread:

The switch needs to be enabled with layer2 and a telnet ethernet IPv4 address (for telnet). 
As far as I know please follow the following procedure: 
( Pages 12-14 
Use the customer supplied info: 
Enable telnet with IPv4 address: 
Subnet Mask: 

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