StorNext update checklist

Robert Leong -

Things to check for before doing a StorNext update

A) Get current info from each Meta Data Sever (or SpycerBox)

1.  cvfsid

2.  StorNext version info

3.  Linux version info

4.  license.dat file

uname -a
cat /etc/issue
cat /usr/cvfs/config/license.dat
cvlabel -c

or put it all in a zip file:

cvfsid > /usr/cvfs/config/"$HOSTNAME".txt
cvversions >> /usr/cvfs/config/"$HOSTNAME".txt
uname -a >> /usr/cvfs/config/"$HOSTNAME".txt
cat /etc/issue >> /usr/cvfs/config/"$HOSTNAME".txt
cvlabel -c >> /usr/cvfs/config/"$HOSTNAME".txt
zip cvfs.config."$HOSTNAME.$(date +%F_%H.%M)".zip /usr/cvfs/config/*

 B) Items to review and plan out the update procedure

  1. Review Quantum documents StorNext Upgrade Guide and StorNext Compatibility Guide.
  2. Can the Linux operating system support the desired StorNext version?
  3. Can upgrade directly from current version or do you have to do it incrementally?
  4. Is "maintenance" current in the license.dat file, you can not update if "maintenance" has expired.  Schedule update before this expires or acquire updated license file.
  5. Confirm cvfsid matches the license.dat Identifier field if a new license.dat file is to be used.
  6. Review cvlabel output to check for duplicate StorNext drive label/serial number.  If exists then need to figure out FC port zoning and target/initiator modes of ports.
  7. Client versions - can stay at old version or MUST upgrade also?
  8. Mephisto, Spycer compatibility with new version of StorNext?
  9. If upgrading from version 3 to 4 or higher, consider reformatting the volume to ensure peak performance.

C) Other items to update?

  1. Firmware of storage?  DDN, DotHill, LSI, Adaptec.
  2. Firmware of Fibre Channel switches?  QLogic, Brocade.


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