List LUNs presented to the QLogic Card via BIOS

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For troubleshooting OS issues you can reboot the system and enter the QLogic BIOS utility.

During boot enter the utility by striking CTRL+Q at the appropriate time:



Then choose an "adaptor"  Each port will be listed as a separate adaptor, the following is a dual port card:



Then choose "Fibre Disk Utility":



Each SCSI target device port will be listed on a separate line if LUNs are presented on that port.  The lines that read "No device present" means no LUN is visible on that port.  (ex: the following picture shows three of four ports on a target device [DDN S2A 9900 controller] are presenting some number of LUNs, but "port three" of the target device is not presenting any LUNs)

Select a device (arrow up/down) and hit enter to see the list of LUNs the target is presenting.



The QLogic card will mark LUNs it can "see" as "Supported" while LUNs it cannot "see" are marked "Not supported".



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