SpycerBox Expansion

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Wiring configurations to consider when expanding more storage to an existing SpycerBox Flex or SpycerBox Ultra.

Where are you at?

The starting point to evaluate which wiring option is best for you is to know your current starting point.  A single SpycerBox comes standard with 4 Fibre Channel ports, it is very likely that all 4 of them are used to serve up data to the SAN clients, it is also good to know your current data rate consumption in support of your maximum workflow demand.

Maximum performance

If you want to preserve your existing available ports for serving up data from your 1st SpycerBox then option 1 is best, this option also uses all 4 ports on the expander to serve up data and adds 2 more ports on the 1st SpycerBox, however this comes at a cost of needing to consume 6 more Fibre Channel ports on the switch, the drawing will help to explain more clearly.

Optimum fit

If Fibre Channel ports on the switch is limited, then option 2 is a good compromise, adding the expander with option 2 wiring still only uses 4 ports total on the switch, but the ports to serve up the data are now reduced to 2 ports on the 1st SpycerBox and 2 ports also on the expander, this might be okay if the data rate consumption is within tolerance.

Custom configuration

There are other configuration permutations available which we can discuss on a case by case basis depending on your specific requirements, please schedule a discussion time with your account representative. 


Download the PDF to see the details of the two recommended wiring options.

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