Xsan's .auth_secret file

Robert Leong -

One of the things to check for if your StorNext volume (Windows, MacOS or Linux)  does not mount on a client and if you suspect if any of the SAN server / client had ever been exposed to a Xsan SAN configuration, then you should check for the existence or absent of the .auth_secret file in the directory where the automount.plist and config.plist exists on the MacOS or /usr/cvfs/config on Linux or /Program Files/Stornext/bin in Windows.

The .auth_secret file is used by Xsan servers as a signature of that SAN, and all SAN clients must have the same .auth_secret file for the fsmpm to connect.

They all should have it or they all show not have it, any mixture will have some client/server mounting and some don't.




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