SFA7700/7700X battery replacement procedure

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SFA7700™CMOS Coin Cell and Backup Battery Replacement


The SFA7700 family of products includes not only the SFA7700 but also the SFA7700X and the embedded processor systems – GS7K (integrated with GRIDScaler) and ES7K (integrated with EXAScaler).

Each controller contains two batteries, both contained within the body of the controller:

  •  A battery backup pack.
  •  A CMOS coin cell battery.

The backup battery serves to provide enough power for the controller to safely flush its cache to the disks in the event of a power event, thus preserving data integrity. The backup battery pack has a useable life of three years from the date of manufacture. When the three years have passed, the SFA OS is designed to place all pools into a write through state to guard against any loss of data.


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