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To extract jpc files from a .mxf file use this syntax

dvsdump.exe -ms filename.mxf


For header info and save it to a text file

dvsdump.exe -d filename.mxf > filename.txt


Inline help

C:\Program Files (x86)\DVS\Clipster>dvsdump
usage: dvsdump filename Dumps all known header fields
dvsdump filename start end Dumps default timecodes in dpx files.

dvsdump dumps all (known) header fields in the following file formats.
DPX, Cineon, TIFF, BMP, JPG, JP2, SGI, TGA, Aiff, Wave, RF64
Also dumps some info on AVI, PPM, PNG, MXF, QT, TGA, YUV8/10/16 files

-d - Filedump
-h - Hexdump
-hn - Hexdump with no offsets
-h=1240 - Hexdump from addr 0x1240
-h=100,20 - Hexdump from addr 0x100 for 0x20 bytes
-s - Search for text strings

Use this to verify files that can not be read or used for realtime transfers.

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