Burn In

Permanently deleted user -

1. Put the clip in the bin, then on the timeline.

2. Once it shows up in the overlay (viewer) right click on the overlay. Got to Head-up display / Burn-in, then check Head-up display.

3. Right click again on the overlay, and go to Display settings...

4. In the new pop up, you can choose what you want to show (source clip info, REC timecode, etc), or click on the + and add your own info. with one of those items selected, if you click on the appearance tab, you can change font size, type color, etc.

5. Click ok

6. Then in the overlay, you can move the info you did to the location you want.

7. When you finalize, to include the burn-in info, make sure the Burn-In box is checked.

(FYI, our burn in is all the project or nothing.)

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