Clipster training outline

Robert Leong -

Here is an outline of Clipster / Fuze / Pronto training that we offer:

1. Basic Clipster Intro: I/O tool for Capturing VTR Emulation and playout. 
2. In-depth editing tools: timeline, scaling, color corrector, subtitles, 3D, slave modes. 
3. Finalize and DCP: rendering, DCI standard, create DCP.

Each segment takes 2 to 3 hours and all the above can normally be accomplished in one day.

It will be helpful to known the following info so we can customise the training for your particular requirement.

Can you give a brief summary of the level of training you are looking for?

What is the workflow requirement of the Clipster?

Training at your facility or at our Burbank office?

How many people is expected to attend the training?

Is there any time allotment restrains for the training such as day shift, night shift, production window, etc...?

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