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This article shows you how to systematically test the V: drive.

The V: drive in the Clipster / Fuze / Pronto and other workstations is made up of a bunch of disks RAIDed together with internal RAID controllers.  Typically these are Adaptec RAID controllers. 

To verify the disks, invoke the Verify operation in the Adaptec Storage Manager application.

Launch the application (see below if not installed), highlight one of the controllers on the left pane (Controller 1 or ....), then on the right side under Logical devices point to the device in the list and right click to open a menu box.  Click Verify to start the verify operation.

Monitor the event log at the bottom for any disks errors.

Repeat these steps for the other controller(s). 



Install Adaptec Storage Manager:

Most DVS workstations does not have the Adaptec Storage Manager installed by default (development team says it could cause performance delays), but the installer is pre-loaded at C:\Install\Software\Adaptec Tools\Storagemanage.  Run the installer.


View mode vs Admin mode.

If the system does not have a password, the Adaptec Storage Manager will run in view mode only, no changes can be made in this mode, to run in admin mode, the system must have a password.  Goto Control Panel > Users Account to create a password.  You can stat the Verify operation in the View mode.

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