Clipster/Fuze Supported Subtitle Formats

Jorge Zepeda -

Clipster/Fuze will support a CineCanvas XML subtitle file, also referred to as DLP subtitle files, which can have a corresponding font file or corresponding png files.

BDN (Blu-Ray) Subtitles are not supported. Programs can convert a BDN XML to a CineCanvas XML format. Clipster can use these converted files but may have issues reading them correctly. 


Font-File Option:

xml subtitle file using a "font-file.ttf"

note: xml and .ttf file must be in the same directory (ex: arial.ttf)

Note: .ttf have a limit of 640kb in a DCI package. 

PNG Option:

xml point to png files

note: xml  and png files must be in the same directory


update: png files that are full raster are currently not supported in realtime playback. We recommend requesting png files that not more than a few hundred pixels and maybe one hundred lines and compromise just the area of the text.


3D XML subtitle:

You can do it a few different ways.

1. Use an XML with z depth within it. 
2. Program it manually in the subtitle effects operator. 
3. Use the automatic depth estimation tool (see link below). 

For examples, please see attachment (

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