Retrieve serial numbers on a Clipster/Fuze/Pronto

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There are a number of different serial numbers of a system, 1) System serial number, 2) Digilab card serial number, or 3) Hydra card(s) serial numbers(s).

Use one or more of the following method to retrieve the number(s).

  1. Visually - look at the serial number tag located on the rear of the machine, this is the system serial number.
  2. Use DVSConf to retrieve the card serial numbers, this does not provide the system serial number.
  3. Use DVSInfo to retrieve cards and system serial numbers.



This is how to retrieve the RSA/DVS card serial numbers in a Clipster / Fuze / Pronto.

Close the Clipster application, open DVSConf (All Programs > DVS > Maintenance > DVSConf),
the lower portion of the opening screen will contain a list of the installed cards and their serial numbers.






Leave the Clipster/Fuze application open if already opened, do not close it.  If not already opened you don't have to open it.

Click: Start > All Programs > DVS > Maintenance > dvsinfo.  Then click Editor at the bottom.

To search for serial numbers, search the following key words.

The system serial number is contained in the computer name from the factory, this could be different if changed subsequently by the user:


For DVS cards:



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