Disk Drive Endurance Test Utility

Rob Bennett -

How to check your Clipster / Fuze / Pronto internal storage performance.

To check the fitness of your internal storage array a recommended tool is the DVS Disk Mapper utility (installed by default).

The Endurance Test provides a brief and easy sequential non-destructive read test.

Expected Results

Healthy speeds range from 1100 MB/s up to 2500 MB/s.  Disk speeds below 1100 MB/s may result in drop frames when playing out high resolution content.

This could indicate a slow or misbehaving disk or disks in your array.

The Data Rate is displayed in the upper right corner of the endurance utility (see picture).

How to start the Endurance Test:


  1. Click on Windows Start Button > All Programs > DVS > Maintenance > Disk Mapper
  2. Select Action > Endurance Test.
  3. Click Select DVS Clipster stripset select Start...
  4. Select Single Pass


Note: You can stop the test at anytime.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at support@dvsus.com



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