Clipster/Fuze 4K Support Information

Jorge Zepeda -

4K in Fuze:

 - We are now offering a paid license upgrade that will give Fuze the ability to work with 4K content.  File base rendering is supported , but 4K SDI output will

   not be supported in Fuze. 

4K DCP Playback Support:

 - Clipster must be equipped with a 4k Accelerator board in order to sustain realtime 4K DCP playback. The system must also have a 4K licence bit. Without a  

   4k license, JPEG2000 decoding is performed in software which is not real-time capable.

   Note: Clipster will playback most 4K DCP in realtime, but there are known issues of a few that will not decode properly. We are working to resolve this issue.

4K 3D DCP:

 - Although Clipster can create and output 3D 4K DCP's, this is not officially supported. Clipster may not be able to get realtime playback in 4K 3D

4K Uncompressed Playback Support:

 - 4K 3D uncompressed playback is only possible from a two clipster setup. One Clipsters must be set to master and the other slave mode. 

 - The files can be downconverted and stored as 2K, Then Playback can be done at 2Kx3D from one clipster.  

 - The output ports in clipster can be either 1.5G SDI or 3G SDI (in level A and Level B). 

 - 1.5G for a single 4K stream, (in RGB), clipster will use all 8 SDI links. 1+2 ->Link1, 3+4, ->Link 2, etc.

 - 3G level A or Level B, clipster will output 4K using 4 SDI links. Links 1, 3, 5, 7 

 4K Quad SDI

 - Quad SDI can refer to either 8x1.5G links or 4x 3G links. The selection of 1.5G or 3G is done in the timeline output settings. If 1.5G is selected, all 8 links

   can be live for RGB and 4 for YUV.

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