Clipster/Fuze ATMOS Support

Jorge Zepeda -

1. New Features for DCI Package Creation

1.1 Support for Dolby® Atmos

CLIPSTER SW 5.9 covers the complete DCI mastering process to include the Atmos 
track into the created DCP: 
· Bin support for Dolby Atmos tracks 
· Representation of Atmos tracks in the audio timeline as metadata 
· Extension of the Digital Cinema Delivery Tool with Atmos options 
· Automatic generation of the synchronization audio track 
· Wrapping and encryption of Atmos track into a DCI auxiliary track

CLIPSTER will allow loading of an existing Atmos file into the audio timeline as audio 
metadata. Reels and also frame-accurate cuts are supported with this file. However, 
editing of an Atmos track is not intended by Dolby and may not be possible under all 
conditions. In the DCP delivery tool’s audio section, Atmos mastering can be 
activated to enable the further processing: During the creation of the DCP an 
additional synchronization track is created based on the timecode information from 
the timeline. This track is an audio track placed in channel 14 and used to ensure the 
synchronization of the Atmos audio decoder and the video during playback. With 
Atmos there will always be 14 audio channels generated in the DCP, even when the 
timeline does consist of less channels.

The synchronization track is wrapped into a standard audio MXF file while the Atmos 
track is wrapped as an auxiliary track and included in the DCP. The encryption 
process also covers this new auxiliary track. The created DCP can then be delivered 
as usual (with a larger footprint due to the included Atmos track).

Please note that Atmos playback with CLIPSTER for quality control is not provided so 


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