Clipster/Fuze SCC Support Information

Jorge Zepeda -

Clipster/Fuze SCC Support  Information

- Currently .scc files can only correctly be attached to clips with a frame rate of 29.97 in the bin properties.

- All calculations are done when the clip gets attached. The clip must have a frame rate of 29.97 in the bin properties at that moment. 

- Timecode 00:00:00:00 in the .scc file always correspond to frame 0 of the clip, independent of its timeline position, of the clips source tc or whether the clip is trimmed or cut.

- The SDI output is via a 608 section inside of 708 anc data packets. On some monitors (for example: Viewlogic monitor) you need to switch the monitor to 608 captions in order to get these captions being displayed.

- The coding in MXF files is as well via a 608 section inside of 708 metadata packets. Some analyzer software might list the captions as 608 captions, but they are definitely encapsulated in 708 caption packets.

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