Creating a Full Certificate (PEM) Chain

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Creating a Chain Certificate for Clipster / Fuze

If you want to create your own certificate chain you just need to open a text file and copy and paste the content of root, intermediate, and leaf certificates in the following order from the top to bottom in the text file:






These are the certificate files you need for intermediate & root: 

DvsClipsterDCIXXXXXXXX.cer:    (system card serial #) This is the the Leaf certificate, and this will change for every system chain you create.


DvsClipsterDCIDvsAG.cer:           This is the intermediate certificate for all boards up to (but excluded) serial number 28120000. 

DvsClipsterDCIDvsGmbH.cer:      This is the intermediate certificate for all boards with serial number 28120000 or higher.


DvsClipsterDCIRoot.cer:               This is the the root certificate, it did never change. 


This can also be done in Terminal (or Command Prompt in Windows):

  1. ensure your cert file is backed up so it is not overwritten (make a copy and save it elsewhere)
  2.  cd (change directory) into a directory that contains your unique cert and the aforementioned (and attached) intermediate & root cert files.
  3. using the command cat, concatenate the files together in the required order (ex: cat file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt >> All_Files.txt)

EX: using the file names above, for board serial numbers before 28120000:

cat DvsClipsterDCIXXXXXXXX.cer DvsClipsterDCIDvsAG.cer DvsClipsterDCIRoot.cer >> DvsClipsterDCIXXXXXXXX.pem

EX: for board serial numbers from 28120000:

cat DvsClipsterDCIXXXXXXXX.cer DvsClipsterDCIDvsGmbH.cer DvsClipsterDCIRoot.cer >> DvsClipsterDCIXXXXXXXX.pem


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