Firmware update for Adaptec 5805 / 51245

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Updating the Adaptec 5805 or 51245 

This article updates the firmware to build level 18948 (18 May 2012), this is the latest as of 2017.

Adaptec controllers are typically used in the Clipster / Fuze and Pronto product lines.

Using the Adaptec Storage Manager in Windows for the update

See the 2nd and 3rd section of this article on installation and admin login requirements:

What version do you have?

Start the Adaptec Storage Manager, select and highlight a controller > Properties > Versions 


Download the firmware and unzip it.

Firmware update

Click on the top level icon (Direct Attached Storage) to highlight it, right click and select Update controller images.



Click Add at the bottom to select the appropriate .ufi files for the model of the controller to update.  Select all the files related to the model. 



Follow the prompts to select the controller(s) and start the update process, do not power down the computer during the update.  

A reboot is required of the system to activate the updated firmware on the controller(s).







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