Save logs from Adaptec RAID controllers

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For Clipster / Fuze / Pronto / ....

Start Adaptec Storage Manager (it might not be installed, see Install Adaptec Storage Manager below). 
All Programes > Adaptec Storage Manager.

Login as admin with same credential as your Windows login.  If you do not have a password setup for your Windows login then you will have limited access to the Storage Manager, see View mode vs Admin mode below.

Click on the system as shown (this example shows c13510001...) to highlight it, then click Actions > Save support archive.


Install Adaptec Storage Manager

Most DVS workstations does not have the Adaptec Storage Manager installed by default (deveopment team says it could cause performance delays), but the installer is pre-loaded at C:\Install\Software\Adaptec Tools\Storagemanage\setup_asm_x64.exe, run the installer.

The installer might also be located at c:\adaptec\asm\manager\setup_asm_x64.exe


View mode vs Admin mode

If the system does not have a password, the Adaptec Storage Manager will run in view mode only, can not make changes, to run in admin mode, the system must have a password.  Goto Control Panel > Users Account.


For SpycerBox / Cell / Venice

You can also pull the log files via the command line if the interface is not reachable:


This command will save all logs into /var/log/Support which can be placed into an archive running

tar -zcf /tmp/YOUR-HOSTNAME-adaptec-logs.tgz /var/log/Support


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