Gathering Venice Logs

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There are two ways to gather Venice Application logs from a Venice system.

From the Venice GUI:

Venice > (Connect To a Channel) > Help > Gather Logs...

This will gather a short history of the logs (approx. 20-30sec) for more lengthy logs do the following.

From terminal (command line) zip and send the following directories/files:

  • /home/venice/.DVS/logwatched
  • /var/opt/DVS/logwatched
  • /var/log/messages*
  • /etc/opt/DVS/Venice

It would be a good idea to refer to the DVS Ticket number either in the file name or when uploading to an FTP server (ex. upload to a directory named for a ticket number).

The following can be used "as is" (copy&paste) to generate a zip containing all the logs.  The zip will be written to the local Venice file system named with the following format "":

[root@Venice2 ~]# zip -9 -r /media/venice-vol0/$(date +%F-%H_%M)-$(dvsutil_version | grep -i seriennummer | awk '{print $2;}')-$(hostname) /home/venice/.DVS/logwatched /var/opt/DVS/logwatched /var/log/messages* /var/log/sa/ /etc/opt/DVS/Venice

*NOTE: You might get an error like this "zip warning: name not matched: /home/venice/.DVS/logwatched" which means there are no logs at that location.

- Some clients use a script called "VeniceLogHelper.command" or the Linux launcher "VeniceLogHelper.desktop" which automates the above command.


Depending on system use, the logwatched directory will be quite large (10-20GiB) and will create a very large zip (2-3GiB in size) which might take a few minutes to complete.

To limit the size of the zip file you can zip only the applicable logs based on date and time of the observed incident.  The date and time used to create the log files is created using the system time which might not match the user's time so an offset as needed.

Depending on the problem you are experiencing it is also a good idea to run the command line command "dvsutil_getconfig" as root and include the resulting directory which is written to /root/Desktop/.


Alternate command line zip gather method:

zip -rq venice.avus.logs."$HOSTNAME.$(date +%F_%H.%M)".zip /home/venice/.DVS/logwatched /var/opt/DVS/logwatched /var/log/ /etc/opt/DVS/Venice
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