Change the Venice User and Password (Venice v3.x)

Permanently deleted user -

Venice v3.x has a concept of user access rights.

You can log in to Venice once you connect to a channel.  there are three users: User, Superuser, and Administrator.

Once logged in the user can be switched between user levels by the menu "Options > User level...". You can not log off but instead switch to another user or the lowest user level (User).

The User account has no password.  By default the Superuser and Administrator passwords are "venice" but this can be changed.  Keep in mind that the passwords are stored locally per client install and are not shared among Spycer clients in the SpycerNet (you must manually change the passwords on each client install).

To change the password for either Superuser or Administrator log in as Administrator and head to the menu "Options > User level...". Choose the user level that you want to give a new password, then click "Change password" in the lower left. Then enter old and new password as requested.

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