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Original info from Dan Germain.


Record Scheduler is a feature of the Venice product.  It requires Spycer application(s) to be configured such that the Venice Server's IP address and other info are properly listed in the fims_services.cfg file.

The Record Scheduler is invoked via the Spycer application referencing a predefined Venice project previously created on the Venice application. 

The following setup instruction is for a standalone Venice Server where the Spycer application will be used on it.  Additional instructions will be needed for a remote client setup, this is where the control of the Venice Server will be performed by a remote computer (Venice client) running Spycer application and Venice application.

Setting up FIMS for Spycer Record Scheduler


2. Change IP Address in CFG files to match that of local machine.

3. Place CFG file in /etc/opt/DVS/Spycer/fims_services.cfg

4. Go to record scheduler on client and place fims_services.cfg in path which software states is missing.

5. Right click on channel in Scheduler on client to enable service

6. Make sure you save a profile which you can actually record from in crash record.

7. Make sure Time is in sync on both client and server.

8. Make sure the channel you want to control via Scheduler is not in use and available on Venice client.

9. Go to record scheduler tab in Spycer and the right clock on the channel which has an orange question mark to enable/start the service on which ever channel you want controlled by FIMS.


Channel profiles or preset names can not contain underscores "_" although hyphens "-" are fine.

You can temporarily disable a channel in the scheduler and then use it normally for a period and can re-enable the channel for scheduler control and previously set up schedules will still be present.

Operation of the scheduler is sluggish - it can take a good 5-10 seconds for changes in the scheduler to update in the GUI so be patient.

fims_services.cfg file

Download sample films_services.cfg file at bottom.

Edit the file per entry definition:
Local IP address : MOS port # (one for each Venice port) , local GMT.

File content example1:, +01:00, +01:00

File content example2:, +00:00, +00:00, +00:00, +00:00, +00:00, +00:00

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